Sun-Ho is a certified Gastroenterologist MD who previously completed his GI fellowship at Asan Medical Center, South Korea. He came to Toronto to start an Advanced IBD fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital in July 2018. His main interest is translational research in IBD. At the Croitoru lab, he has been part of the GEM project to investigate the pre-clinical state of Crohn’s disease. He has decided to pursue a PhD degree at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto, under supervision of Dr. Croitoru, since January 2019 with the focus of understanding the pre-disease interaction of host genetics, gut microbiome, anti-microbial immune response, gut barrier function and subclinical inflammation as a window into the pathogenesis of Crohn's disease. He is applying machine-learning approaches to develop an integrative multi-omics prediction model to identify individuals at higher risk of developing Crohn's disease and to determine the key contributing microbial and metabolomic factors to CD pathogenesis.