Anna Neustaeter – Past Member

Anna Neustaeter is a postdoctoral researcher within the Crohn’s Colitis Canada – Genes, Environment, Microbiome project, currently utilizing cohort-derived data on nutritional and biological aspects to Crohn’s disease risk. She received her MSc in animal genomics at the University of Guelph, where she performed genomic and in silico analyses of a complex adult-onset neuromuscular disorder in milk-producing cattle. Her PhD project ‘Towards Genetic Screening for Glaucoma’ was supervised by Prof. Nomdo Jansonius (head of Ophthalmology) and Prof. Harold Snieder (head of Genetic Epidemiology) at the University Medical Center, Groningen, in the Netherlands. She utilized cohort-derived biological data in creating data-driven strategies for genetic pre-screening for glaucoma, as well as improving upon self-reported glaucoma status by incorporating subjective visual experiences for questionnaire-based data. Her research interest lies in genetic and epidemiological analyses of complex disorders.